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  • Three new calls for Lucanian businesses are ready

    February 11, 2020

    A summit was held yesterday in the Basilicata Region with trade associations and trade unions to share the contents of three important calls which will be published after the approval of the budget.

    The three measures concern “support for the recovery of SMEs and the Lucanian professions” with a budget of 15 million euros, the “micro-loans fund for SMEs of Lucania for growth” with a budget of 9 million and 200,000 euros. and the “Voucher for the purchase of services for the internationalization of Lucanian enterprises” with an economic endowment of 2 million and 400 thousand euros.

    “These are three measures – said the commissioner for production activities Francesco Cupparo – financed by resources that we have recovered to implement financial engineering actions aimed at the growth of the Lucanian productive fabric”.

    Today’s meeting with the category and worker acronyms served to ” share with them the contents of the three calls before the approval of the budget – he added – so as to collect directly from those who represent the production and employment system Lucano, in its various expressions, any suggestions, addresses, corrections and to be able to arrive in a very short time to the construction of the calls in a shared and definitive way ”.

  • How to organize a press review in the best way

    You work as a press officer for some entity, large or small, and consequently frequently draw up a series of press releases which you then send to the various editorial offices, so that they give attention and visibility to your institution, or to the person you work for. Your job doesn’t end there. In order to do your best in your sector, you need to go a step further: you need to organize a good press review.

    What is a press review? Good question.

    The press review is a wide-ranging cross-check of specific news reported by the major information channels, which nowadays, in addition to being newspapers, magazines, television and radio, are also the Internet and the most important social networks. The term “review” derives, in fact, from the phrase “browse”, which basically means “check in depth”, “scroll with your eyes everything that is in front of us until we can find what we are looking for”.

    When we send a press release, the only way to understand if it has been accepted and published or not and where it is, in fact, to make a press review, and to do it today we mainly use applications, particular software that work online.

    One of the tasks of a press review is also to measure the effectiveness of a campaign that we have launched: in terms of posts on a social network, we can understand how many people have viewed it, what target it has reached, who liked it and further shared. In practice, we can have total control over that post and observe the results of our work over time.



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